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Soul Twin Messiah is a new rock duo here to change the world and “Comfort You”; because “Everyone Knows That Something Needs to Change”. And let’s face it,  so much of the world is a hot mess right now! So we choose to participate in helping to inspire and elevate us to a higher frequency and move forward together as the human family we obviously are. The music that Oshalla and The Blue Rocker make has been compared by industry professionals to such diverse acts as Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Cars, Foreigner, Tom Petty, Mumford and Sons, Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John, and even Rocky Horror Picture Show. The songs range from light rock to hard rock to new wave and heavy metal, with some downright soulful (and even gospel) moments, and a few ballads thrown in for the LOVE of it.

Oshalla & The Blue Rocker


Introduction and Welcome to Studio D

STM Old Sizzle Reel

S.O.U.L. Twins live in the Tenderloin

First acoustic gig on Global Love Day for Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin.

Music with a Message

Messaging with intention is integral to Soul Twin Messiah. In the case of songwriting, when STM write a LOVE song, it’s not often romantic “Love” they have in mind, but rather LOVE that is all-encompassing, universal, infinite, and foundational to life itself (i.e. the organizing intelligence of the Universe). Continuing the legacy of other social change artists such as The Beatles/John Lennon, The Clash, Pink Floyd, and Sly and the Family Stone, STM are here for action to help usher in a new age of cooperation, collaboration, compassion, and LOVE for our entire human family.

Music That Rocks

Since writing their first four songs to play live at Peace in the Park, the Soul Twins have written so many more, including 33 that have been woven into the story of their theatrical piece Greta, the Rock Musical. All 33 have been recorded and are being mixed and released soon. Be sure to join the mailing list so you can be part of the movement. And join the Messiah Choir by following on all the social media platforms.

S.O.U.L. Twins live in the Tenderloin

The gig that started it all: Peace in the Park.

“We can write the story—Our quills dipped in LOVE’S ink—Undo our self damage—
Reimagine the way we feel and think”

– We Are Messiahs

Soul Twin Messiah live in Golden Gate Park

STM played one gig as a full electric band, headlining the Peace in the Park Festival in the Bandshell of the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park San Francisco. This song Find An Answer was written for that concert, and was a hit with the audience who were singing along, looking for an answer.

Soul Twin Messiah Live on Mutiny Radio

STM Perform the 1971 song I’d Love to Change the World by Ten Years After as an acoustic duo on Mutiny Radio. Oshalla and The Blue Rocker were lucky enough to be invited to be live studio guests on the show Common Thread Collective with Diamond Dave and Global Val a couple of times; experiences that felt like a metaphorical passing of the torch from a seasoned veteran of the counterculture scenes to the new perspectives of STM.
Enjoy a few old videos…
Mad LOVE Story Live in the Home Studio
A Matter of Perception Live from the Living Room
A Day Worth Imagining Live in the Home Studio
Our Lady Mary Jane Live from the Living Room

Please Help Share Soul Twin Messiah and Grow with Us!