Hello Friends!!

Welcome to the home of our NEW TRACKS! These are freshly produced and mastered by our musical hero Joel Jaffe at Studio D (World Studios) in Sausalito. We are so excited to share these with you and are massively proud of the work that has been accomplished in this collaboration between STM, JJ, and the other musicians and technical experts who helped bring these songs to life. Please enjoy the listens, and drop us a line to let us know what you think. We have another 24+ to record this year, so stay tuned for way more tracks, as well as actual public releases of singles, our EP, and our album! Speaking of which, since these songs have not yet been released, we appreciate you keeping them to yourselves, except of course for the whisper campaign. Anyone who is a fan of rock music deserves a little, “You gotta check out this new band STM” in their ear.

Heal Me

Heal Me is the theme song to our (yet to be released) cooking show S.O.U.L.’s Kitchen. It is a slice of Americana featuring the Fender Stratocaster, steel dobro, harmonica, and more.

Comfort You

Comfort You is the theme song to our Wednesday show “S.O.U.L. LOVE”, featuring a full thirty seconds of hugs to uplift our spirits, while enjoying the soothing sounds of our ballad anthem.

Find An Answer

Find an Answer is the theme song to our Sunday show S.O.U.L. Listens, which features long format interviews of insightful experts helping us find useful answers to our concerns for the future.

Our Lady Mary Jane

Our Lady Mary Jane is the epic Cannabis anthem for the 21st century!! Enthusiasts for the plant the world over may choose to unite through this inspirational song praising the plant and all it can do for us. The song even takes on a religious overtone.

Shut Up & Listen to Me

Shut Up & Listen to Me is a hard rock song of exacerbation. When we are blind to the fact that others are trying to support us, they can get frustrated and want to give up. The more we learn to nurture their good ideas, the more we can help one another to find a thriving life.

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom reveals a side of neo-classic rock that sits right between Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rick Derringer, and Werewolves of London. As the song says, from LOVE, we are finally learning, but we have a long, long way to go…

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