Soul Twin Messiah is the Evolutionary Rock band associated with the S.O.U.L. Documentary team. We compose and perform the soundtracks and scores to many of our videos and documentaries, as well as other original 21st Century Neoclassic Rock songs. Our music is highly thematic, and intended to awaken and inspire people through the universally emotional power of music.

The concept for the band’s name was introduced by friend and author Dr. Jamie Turndorf (“Ask Dr. Love” radio show), who declared founders Kip and Evan soul twins while speaking together over the phone for the first time and feeling the almost identical vibration in their voices.

Soul Twins – Evan and Kip

With S.T.M., Kip and Evan took that concept and raised it to Infinity! They believe that the truth is we all share an even more intimate and innate connection than that of twins; we are truly one. The messiah was added almost as a joke, until they realized how profound the idea of Soul Twin Messiah actually was. Not only does it represent the aforementioned universal connection shared by all, but also their mission of promoting the practice of conscious evolution, as it sets us on the path to becoming our own gurus, sages, saviors, messiahs if you will…

A Day Worth Imagining

Soul Twin Messiah’s debut 3-song EP “A World Worth Imagining – Jacque Fresco, The Man With The Plan Soundtrack” features two songs from their brand new documentary about Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project, and one other rockin’ tune inspired by his work. The title track “A Day Worth Imagining (Dedicated to Jacque Fresco)” is about creating a human civilization that mirrors the nature that gave us existence, devoid of kings and kingdoms, master and slaves, rich and poor, and realizing into being the world Jacque spent a lifetime dreaming of and designing.

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Shots from the recording of A World Worth Imagining

Soul Twin Messiah live in Golden Gate Park

Soul Twin Messiah closes out the 2017 Peace in the Park festival in at the Music Concourse in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

S.O.U.L. Twins live in the Tenderloin

Live in the Tenderloin on Global Love Day

Music with a Message

Since messaging with intention is integral to the S.O.U.L. Team in all they do, their music is no exception. In the case of songwriting, every song is a love song; but the catch is that they have nothing to do with romantic love, but rather love that is all-encompassing, universal, infinite, and foundational to life itself (i.e. the organizing intelligence of the Universe). Since writing their first four songs to play live at Peace in the Park, the soul twins have so far written about 50 more with no signs of stopping. 

“We can write the story—Our quills dipped in LOVE’S ink—Undo our self damage—Reimagine the way we feel and think”

– Kip Baldwin

“We can write the story—Our quills dipped in LOVE’S ink—Undo our self damage—Reimagine the way we feel and think”

– Kip Baldwin

STM Live on Common Thread Collective

Diamond Dave is one of the few counterculture stalwarts who has been versatile enough to have socialized within the beatnik movement, the hippie movement, the punk movement, the Occupy movement, and then some. He has been a radio personality for two thousand and twenty years, culminating with his own show Common Thread Collective on Mutiny Radio. Soul Twin Messiah were lucky enough to be invited to be live studio guests on his show and play their original song Find An Answer on the air.  The experience felt like a metaphorical passing of the torch from a seasoned veteran of the scenes to the new perspectives of S.O.U.L.

Music From The LOVE Paradigm
Ep. 1: Live at Mutiny Radio
Ep. 2: Find An Answer at PiP
Ep. 3: Comfort You in Hospital
Ep. 4: Imagine at PiP
Ep. 5: I’d Love To Change The World
Ep. 6: It’s All a Matter of Perception
Ep. 7: Mad LOVE Story
Ep. 8: Sky Came Crashing Down at PiP
Ep. 9: The Sky Came Crashing Down @ Mutiny Radio
Ep. 10: Complete Set at Peace in the Park
Ep. 11: Find an Answer at Mutiny Radio
Ep. 12: A Day Worth Imagining (Dedicated to Jacque Fresco)
Music from The LOVE Paradigm

Soul Twin Messiah is our rock band at S.O.U.L. Documentary. We make the music you hear in our shows and documentaries. Out now: the three-song soundtrack EP to our documentary A World Worth Imagining – Jacque Fresco, The Man With The Plan.

A Day Worth Imagining

This soothing tune, featuring the smooth voice of Solene Velvet, imagines a future beyond the ages-old hierarchical human story of kingdoms, royalty, and oppression against each other; a day when nature is respected as a co-existing complex web of life.

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Our Last Dance

This moody, Pink Floyd-esque tune confronts our fear of death and invites us to rethink what it means to dance off into the moonlight. Ultimately, no matter how dire things seem, the only thing left to do in any moment is to love, and to keep dancing.

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Got Money (Demo)

This hard rockin’ tune explores our system of economics in a radical new way. Once we re-examine why we are so attached to our belief in the monetary system, we can start to see more clearly that it perpetuates immeasurable waste and harm.

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