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A World Worth Imagining
STM – The Soundtrack
The Man With The Plan
Are You Ready To Evolve?
S.O.U.L. Sunrise
Soul Twin Messiah
Mother Earth
Inspiring Conscious Evolution
Something Needs To Change
Music from The LOVE Paradigm

Soul Twin Messiah is our rock band at S.O.U.L. Documentary. We make the music you hear in our shows and documentaries. Out now: the three-song soundtrack EP to our documentary A World Worth Imagining – Jacque Fresco, The Man With The Plan.

A World Worth Imagining

Soul Twin Messiah’s debut 3-song EP “A World Worth Imagining – Jacque Fresco, The Man With The Plan Soundtrack” features two songs from their brand new documentary about Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project, and one other rockin’ tune inspired by his work.

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A Day Worth Imagining

This soothing tune, featuring the smooth voice of Solene Velvet, imagines a future beyond the ages-old hierarchical human story of kingdoms, royalty, and oppression against each other; a day when nature is respected as a co-existing complex web of life.

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Our Last Dance

This moody, Pink Floyd-esque tune confronts our fear of death and invites us to rethink what it means to dance off into the moonlight. Ultimately, no matter how dire things seem, the only thing left to do in any moment is to love, and to keep dancing.

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Got Money (Demo)

This hard rockin’ tune explores our system of economics in a radical new way. Once we re-examine why we are so attached to our belief in the monetary system, we can start to see more clearly that it perpetuates immeasurable waste and harm.

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