Perspective-shifting discussions with people committed to opening hearts and minds, sharing information that will consciously evolve our culture and our world. Spend a relaxing Sunday expanding your mind with S.O.U.L., as luminaries share their visions for what is possible when we shift our value system to one that supports our thriving. 

Ep. 1: Joey Cain
Ep. 2: Arthur Round
Ep. 3: Rollin McCraty
Ep. 4: Jay Chodogam
Ep. 5: Dennis McNally
Ep. 6: Human Be-In
Ep. 7: Meg Shifler
Ep. 7: Amelia Davis
Ep. 7: Anthea Hartig
Ep. 8: Mouse & Moscoso
Ep. 9: Andrew Blauvelt – BAMPFA
Ep. 9: Lawrence Rinder – BAMPFA
Ep. 9: Greg Castillo – BAMPFA
Ep. 10: Bruce Lipton, PhD
Ep. 11: Jonathan Kauffman