Join Soul Twin Messiah every Friday as they share the love vibe through the music and lyrics of their good old fashioned classic rock, with a modern groove! Soul Twin Messiah was formed to express in music what S.O.U.L. has come together to share. Every Friday, you can count on them to rock your world in an evolutionary way. Songs are in the key of LOVE, the universal kind, the infinite kind.

Ep. 1: Live at Mutiny Radio
Ep. 2: Find An Answer at PiP
Ep. 3: Comfort You in Hospital
Ep. 4: Imagine at PiP
Ep. 5: I’d Love To Change The World
Ep. 6: It’s All a Matter of Perception
Ep. 7: Mad LOVE Story
Ep. 8: Sky Came Crashing Down at PiP
Ep. 9: The Sky Came Crashing Down @ Mutiny Radio
Ep. 10: Complete Set at Peace in the Park
Ep. 11: Find an Answer at Mutiny Radio
Ep. 12: A Day Worth Imagining (Dedicated to Jacque Fresco)