High noon on Mondays is when you can count on S.O.U.L. Twins Kip & Evan to provide you with a pick-me-up for your spirits, a re-engagement with your purpose, and the support you need to focus your life on a value system more consistent with thriving. For just a quick minute invested, experience an opened and evolving mind and perspective, and reap a lifetime of reward benefiting from the discovery of your own heart’s intuitive guidance.

Ep. 2: Acknowledgment
Ep. 3: The Art of the Heart Hug
Ep. 4: In Tribe We Thrive
Ep. 5: Fight, Flight, or Think
Ep. 6: Understanding: The Antidote to Judgment
Ep. 7: Setting the Creative Spirit Free
Ep. 8: Letting Go
Ep. 9: Never Speak The Fear
Ep. 10: We Can’t Change The Past
Ep. 11: We Cannot Predict the Future