S.O.U.L. Programming

Specialty shows, interviews, music, videos, and hugs focused on inspiring conscious evolution.

Join S.O.U.L. Twins Kip & Evan on Mondays for a noontime live love boost to raise your vibration for the rest of the day and week. Tune in, turn on, and smile!


Learn the fundamentals of the Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, “No S.O.A.K.” way of life, and be healthy without giving up the pleasure that delicious food provides.


Get your oxytocin flowing with half a minute of inspirational hug therapy. Embrace the love that is in front of you, and cruise right over the hump day slump.


How we experience story is shaped by perspectives based on where we stand in space and time. Kip & Evan help us expand our perspective beyond perceived limits.


Join Soul Twin Messiah every Friday as they share the love vibe through the music and lyrics of their good old fashioned classic rock, with a modern grove!


S.O.U.L. presents this series of micro documentaries to influence the conscious evolution of our human family towards value systems more aligned with thriving.


Perspective-shifting discussions with people committed to opening hearts and minds, sharing information that will consciously evolve our culture and our world.

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