S.O.U.L. presents this series of micro documentaries to influence the conscious evolution of our human family towards value systems more aligned with thriving. Whether covering organizations and events helping to facilitate our conscious evolution or change makers who are inspiring us and guiding the way toward a more thriving world, S.O.U.L. delivers mind-expanding material every Saturday to help elevate you to a higher vibration.

Ep. 1: Pride is Love
Ep. 2: The Miracle Plant that Unites
Ep. 3: Calming the War Withing
Ep. 4: Signs of Conscious Evolution
Ep. 5: March for a Summer of Love
Ep. 6: Passing the Counterculture Torch
Ep. 7: Images from the Love Year
Ep. 8: Art, Fashion & Rock & Roll
Ep. 9: The Struggle for Utopia
Ep. 10: Why We Need Merry Pranksters
Ep. 11: Summer of Love and Haight
Ep. 12: SOUL Twin Messiah