How we experience story is shaped by perspectives based on where we stand in space and time. Kip & Evan help us expand our perspective beyond perceived limits. Kip and Evan share their unique perspectives and insights about one topic per week, and inspire the tribe to evolve their thinking beyond society’s programming of snap judgments, fierce competition, and lonely self-reliance, and into a mindset of recognizing our inexorable interdependence, seeking compassionate understanding, and fostering productive collaboration.

Ep. 1: LGBTQ
Ep. 2: Cannabis
Ep. 3: HeartMath Institute
Ep. 4: Conscious Evolution
Ep. 5: Sumer of Love/Counterculture
Ep. 6: LOVE (The all caps kind)
Ep. 7: Acceptance
Ep. 8: A World Beyond Money
Ep. 9: How Do We Love Our Enemies?
Ep. 10: Evolving from Rebel to Seeker
Ep. 11: Can We Find Joy in Our Grieving?
Ep. 12: Why Can’t We Get Healthy?