Technology: progress for all or merely profits for few?

At CES; so many goods on display, so little hope for solutions

At CES, S.O.U.L. discovered some innovative gadgets and some forward thinking technology companies from different corners of the world. While they may be promoting the latest advancements in smart homes and offices, integrative home health care, in home gardening, massage chairs, virtual reality, drones, and more, we wonder how much these new technologies are actually helping us to lead a more sustainable existence? Are the new advancements the best uses of our imaginative minds and natural and economic resources, or redundant efforts to produce profit generating trinkets with built-in obsolescence to fuel the next round of purchases? We’ll leave you to ponder these questions and the true value of the version of “progress” that our capitalistic and consumer driven economy gives us. Watch the following video in which we try to derive the true value from these gadgets, and share your conclusions in the comments.