The Antidote to Hallmark Holidays

The take over of Sunday Streets for Global Love Day

S.O.U.L. combined Love energies with It’s Your District at Sunday Streets to celebrate Global Love Day. Global Love Day was the heartchild of S.O.U.L.’S dear friends Harold Becker and John Goltz of the Love Foundation. We could think of no better way to officially kick off 50th Anniversary of Summer of Love season than with a happening that would make the Hippies proud.

S.O.U.L. not only sponsored a tent and supplied free Global Love Day hemp t-shirts at the event, but provided lunch food for many and some rocking tunes for all to bring light and joy to one of San Francisco’s most troubled and impoverished neighborhoods. Joli Valenti, son of Dino Valenti (QuickSilver Messenger Service) who wrote the Summer of Love anthem Get Together, joined S.O.U.L. on stage to sing his Dad’s impassioned plea for unity.

From The Love Foundation:

Global Love Day: The Vision

We honor each May 1st as a symbolic day of unconditional love and call upon all people and all nations to gather together in the wisdom of peace and love. Global Love Day is the universal recognition of our innate oneness through love. It is our vision to unite one and all in a celebration of love and compassion. Join people around the world in celebrating and expanding love.

We are one humanity on this planet.

All life is interconnected and interdependent.

All share in the Universal bond of love.

Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.

With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.

Together we make a difference through love.

When we come from this limitless love, we naturally and easily embrace ourselves and our fellow humanity. Opening our heart, we allow unconditional love to be our guide and compassion to be our gift to life.

We invite you to celebrate with us by consciously focusing on love and what it means to you throughout this day. We hope that by practicing love in all areas of your life, you will find it easy to love unconditionally all year long. Our main theme explains it best…”Love Begins With Me”