Closer To The Source

Marin Farmers’ Market vendors teach us how to procure healthy food

Do you know where your food comes from? S.O.U.L. visited the Marin Farmers’ Market seeking solutions for healthy, nourishing ways to feed ourselves and our loved ones.

Besides supporting these localized markets, we were reminded that one of the best things we can do to consciously evolve into people who are more connected to the world around us is to cultivate some of our own produce.  “Growing our own” can be a spiritual, tactile, natural, healthy, fun, enlightening, and joyful experience as well as an activity we can do to be proactive in writing a new story for ourselves.

Consider using any available space to grow food to nourish yourself and others: flower beds, front yards, blighted lots, plant pots. We can consider turning any ornamental garden area into a sustenance producing food-mine. After all, isn’t the fruit tree the goose that lays the proverbial golden egg?

Perhaps until we’ve personally experienced the special sense of well being and connectedness to Mother Nature that comes from digging our hands in the soil, we won’t have had access to such a profound reconnection with our source.

“If you’re in the food business now, you’ve got to be cognizant of people’s
standards, of people’s needs for health.”

– Leon Day, The Chutney Man

For more information on the farmers in this video, please visit their sites:


Tim BoughtonAmber Oaks Raspberries

JoellaFront Porch Farms

Danny LazzariniWood Leaf Farm

Aram SarkissianFlying Disc Ranch

Shelly ArrowsmithArrowsmith Farms

Agricultural Institute of Marin Website

AIM believes the success of the small family farm depends on eaters who understand the value and joys of local agriculture.