Pride is Love

Celebrate five decades of “All You Need is Love” in the 2017 Pride Parade

Convergence is an often overused term used to describe things that are not always really connected, but what better word could be used to encapsulate the coming together of 50 years of striving for LGBTQ equality, 50 years of singing the “The Beatles” anthem “All You Need is LOVE”, and the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of LOVE. And that is exactly what S.O.U.L. documented as they marched in LOVE’s overflowing unison, beside the Magic Bus, through the heart of San Francisco, honored and humbled to be part of the Pride Parade and 2017 celebrations. Of course they did this all while singing “All You Need is LOVE” at the top of their hearts every step of the parade route as it blared gently from the Magic Bus’ loudspeakers. At the end of the route, S.O.U.L. sponsored skywriters to plaster the sky with giant cloud hearts.

S.O.U.L.’s skywriter sends our message of love above the parade.

“Today is the 50th anniversary of the debut of All You Need Is Love. Everybody is still
singing it, and everybody is still dreaming it.” 

– Chris Hardman, Magic Bus Tours

“Everybody is so eager for happiness.”

– Linda Kelly, Managing Editor Haight Street Voice