NAMG: Healing the Community

National AIDS Memorial Grove: where love and hope nurtures emotional wounds.

The National Aids Memorial Grove (N.A.M.G.), located in Golden Gate Park, is a living, breathing testament to the hope that can be found in the heart of even seemingly insurmountable tragedy and grief. It also portrays the beauty that can grow from overwhelming devastation and prejudice. In the wake of the AIDS epidemic, with much of the world turning a blind eye to the people and communities most affected by this insidious disease, the seeds of the Grove were planted, and soon blossomed into a forest of healing and joy. As it grew, it served as a reminder to the rest of humanity that those stricken with AIDS were not “the other”, but our own mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers. The Grove is – most of all – a monument to the resilience of the human spirit that, much like the trees and flowers thriving there, will always find the light, even when engulfed in darkest night. When in San Francisco, visit the Grove for a moment of reflection and tranquility. And if you’re lucky, you may stumble upon members of the Grove community, who are always welcoming to their sacred, soul-nurturing space.

If you are a Bay Area resident – or just visiting – stop by the N.A.M.G. for a tranquil and reflective experience:

“The city and county of San Francisco, working with an organization yet to be defined, saw that it was critical that this community be given a space. A space to find
healing, to find hope, to find love and compassion.”

– John Cunningham, Exec. Director – AIDS Memorial Grove