Consciously Evolving Earth Day

Earth Day San Francisco 2018, Signs of Conscious Evolution Abound

S.O.U.L. shares and seeks signs of Conscious Evolution at Earth Day 2018. From the stage, S.O.U.L.’s Evan Hirsch shared his thoughts on Conscious Evolution, inspiring the crowd (to paraphrase Gandhi), “To be the change…” while also sharing information on The Venus Project; what S.O.U.L. sees as the best example of what a consciously evolved humanity might look and function like.

While roaming the crowd, Evan asked Earth Day revelers what they knew about Conscious Evolution. The answers ranged from profound to seemingly oblivious, but even those who didn’t know what Conscious Evolution meant specifically almost all seemed to be living it out through the actions in their lives they described.

“Conscious Evolution is really being aware, mindful, present, coming to your center,
and think about what we are doing.”

– Nicola