A Night at the Academy

California Academy of Sciences “Nightlife” goes Summer of Love

S.O.U.L. was invited to cover the California Academy of Sciences Summer of Love 50th Anniversary themed “Nightlife at the Academy” event. There, amongst the liquid lights and throbbing sounds of psychedelia, they were able track down best selling author/Summer of Love historian Joel Selvin and Rolling Stone editor/personality Ben Fong Torres for insightful one-on-ones about the summer that changed everything and the culture behind the changing.

“…I love the younger generation, what those kids are trying to do and I feel really good with them as stewards of our planet and the future is in their hands now, really.”

– Joel Selvin

“There is hope, but it will take a lot of smarts, and a lot of resistance, and a lot of just will power and community, bonding togther to make sure the worst doesn’t really happen to all of us”

– Ben Fong-Torres