Love or Confusion

MoAD’s Jimi Hendrix: a man with Psychedelic Soul exhibition
S.O.U.L. sat with Linda Harrison – Executive Director to discuss the Museum of the African Diaspora’s (MoAD) exhibition titled Psychedelic Soul: Black Cultural Awakening during the Summer of Love in San Francisco. 

This retrospective of the arts and activism that emanated from the Black Experience of San Francisco in the 1960s gave S.O.U.L. the rare opportunity to explore and share the Summer of LOVE through perspective of African Americans. From Black Psychedelia to Black Power, there was “Revolution in the Air” in the Sixties, and the artists and the activists were able to interpret and reinterpret their transforming world in ways never before known. We are all heirs to that work.

“It’s almost like we have all been given permission to be kind to each other for this period of time called, the summer here in 2017, but if we could actually take that and expand it and just be this way. I’m seeing people excited to be part of it, excited to know about it, and their behavior has changed” – Linda Harrison, MoAD Executive Director

S.O.U.L. and the MoAD believe in the radical reframing of the Summer of Love to ensure that it encompasses the multitude of voices involved and inherent movements that shaped it. Some are well known, others are not. Our duty is to all histories and to ensure a deep, critical examination of the Summer of Love.

Special thanks to Mark Sabb, MoAD’s – Director of Marketing and Communications for allowing S.O.U.L. access to exhibit and helping set up interviews with directors and curators.

*Additional copy borrowed from MoAD’s and CHS text about the exhibition

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