Images from the Love Year

San Francisco culture of 1967 through the lens of photographer Jim Marshall

Join S.O.U.L. as we explore 89 stunning photos capturing life in and around San Francisco during 1967, the year of the Summer Of Love. Learn insightful historical perspective on the subject matter and context as we interview Amelia Davis, who was Jim Marshall’s assistant for the last 15 years of his life; Meg Shiffler, the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery Director; and Anthea Hartig, Executive Director of the California Historical Society. Countercultural seeds planted in the 60’s are obviously blossoming now, as we see a wave of love celebrations all over the world.

Amelia Davis, who owns Jim Marshall Photography, LLC, shares insights on Jim and this body of work from 1967.

California Historical Society Executive Director Anthea Hartig, Ph.D. discusses the lingering influence of the 60’s counterculture.

Meg Shiffler, the Galleries Director for the San Francisco Arts Commission, talks about the exhibition and the culture of the 60’s, as depicted in Jim’s work.

“What Jim was able to do was capture moments of history that will never happen again.
These are very important pieces San Francisco history, as well as the world.”

– Amelia Davis, Jim Marshall Photography LLC

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