Peace in the Park

S.O.U.L. turns Peace in the Park into a Summer of Love 50th Miracle

S.O.U.L. brought the infectious Summer of Love miracle energy to the Brahma Kumari’s fifth annual Peace in the Park festival by co-producing the event, performing in a number of ways, and curating the day’s speakers for the talk tent. When friend MonaLisa Wallace enlisted our support and collaboration, we jumped at the chance to co-create an event with such a positive vibe intended to spread peace and love. This one-day event under a perfect, sunny San Francisco sky featured a wide variety of multicultural activities, speakers, musicians, and performers to entertain and inspire the 5,000 or so attendees in the serene setting of Golden Gate Park’s historic music concourse.

The S.O.U.L. Talk Tent

S.O.U.L.’s day was spent in the Talk Tent, curating, emceeing, and giving speaking performances. They shared the stage with author Bruce Lipton PhD, meditation guide Jay Chodagam, inspirational comedian Michael Pritchard, author and physician Elson Haas MD, hemp activist and educator Linda Delair, change-maker Richard Becker, and a key force in making the Summer of Love 50th Anniversary celebrations happen: Adam Hirschfelder (California Historical Society/Commonwealth Club). Enjoy videos of those talks below.

Merry Pranksters Reunite!

We were also proud to co-produce with dear friend and producer of Venice Spring Fling and Venice Beach Music Festival Neo-Prankster Milton Rosenberg (aka Turtle) the first ever Merry Pranksters panel discussion, featuring original Pranksters: Woodstock emcee and founder of Camp Winnarainbow Wavy Gravy, MAPS and Rex Foundation board member and former wife of Jerry Garcia Carolyn Garcia aka Mountain Girl, Denise Kauffman aka Mary MicroGram of resurrected 60’s all-female band the Ace of Cups, Julius Karpen former manager of Big Brother and Holding Company, George Walker aka Hardly Visible, Linda Breen aka Anonymous, Roy Sebern, and Neo-Prankster Ashlee Rosko aka Spirit. Watch the entire discussion right here!

Adam Hirschfelder

Adam Hirschfelder of the California Historical Society summarizes the Summer of Love 50th Anniversary celebrations and stresses the value of acknowledging the counterculture movement for all the love it spread throughout the world.

Bruce Lipton

Legendary speaker Bruce Lipton blows minds with his poignant speech on how our story of life influences our perspective, shapes our experience of being, and motivates our choices of words and actions.

Kip Baldwin

Seeking to experience infinity and find new insights? Kip Baldwin shares his life’s journey through the infinite, helping to inspire the discovery of our true nature so we can become our own inner guru and remember that all is Just LOVE.

Jay Chodagam

Looking for an amazing guided meditation that will shift your whole world? Jay Chodagam, of Brahma Kumaris, leads this exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime meditation to start the day in the Talk Tent at Peace in the Park.

Doug Styles

Do you love children? Doug Styles of Huckleberry Youth Programs shares 50 years of history serving youth in need of support, guidance, and love. Take inspiration here, and go serve those who need you!

Michael Pritchard

Want to learn how to be more compassionate and loving? Comedian Michael Pritchard shares how everything he has learned of value about being a better person, he has learned from his interactions with children.

Ann Cohen

Artist and teacher Ann Cohen rediscovers the wisdom of the Summer of Love through the poems of her late husband Allan Cohen, who co-founded The San Francisco Oracle newspaper in 1966, the unofficial bible of hippie living in the 60’s counterculture.

Richard Becker

ANSWER Coalition’s Richard Becker, long time peace activist, inspires a call to action for those who want to do more to participate in achieving systemic change and building the foundation for a more sustainable future.

Jay Chodagam

Following his inspired guided meditation, Jay Chodagam, of Brahma Kumaris, gives his insight on how to take the calm serenity achieved in meditation out into our daily lives in the real world in order to be more aware, more effective, and more emotionally stable and loving.

Evan Hirsch

S.O.U.L.’s Evan Hirsch reads a chapter on love and fear from his forthcoming book The Secret Power of Love, and engages in an inspiring Q&A with curious audience members.

Dr. Elson Hass

Dr. Elson Haas, author of many books including Staying Healthy with the Seasons and Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine, shares insights, advice, and inspiration to live healthier, thriving lives using a combination of Eastern philosophy and holistic modalities with modern western scientific medicine.

Kip Baldwin

Need hopeful inspiration? Kip Baldwin shows us how the indigo children of today represent an insightful glimpse into humanity’s great potential, and show us a way forward to help life on Earth thrive.

S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah World Debut Concert

At the end of the afternoon, the S.O.U.L. team had just enough energy left to headline the main concert stage! After Evan did a reading of S.O.U.L.’s LOVE Paradigm Manifesto, the S.O.U.L. Team’s Evolutionary Rock band S.O.U.L. Twin Messiah played their world debut of four original songs written for the event as well as a rousing singalong version of John Lennon’s Imagine that packed the stage with revelers.

Huge thanks and praise go out to our co-performers: Temple Of Isis Feat. Jil Love Revolution (as Daughter Nature), Katdelic, Mai’Saan, Nicoletta, Third Thursday Band Feat. Kevbot, COPUS, Ann Cohen, Pamela Parker, and the Grateful Dead tribute group All Star Family Band Feat. Sunshine Garcia, Mark Karan, Jordan Feinstein, and Robin Sylvester. We also appreciate Michael Gosney and Bill McCarthy for leading the Earthdance Prayer for Peace. And the most significant gratitude we must share goes to MonaLisa Wallace for enlisting us into this worthy peace-spreading cause and for sharing her Womanifesto with the attendees that day.

At the end of a very long but rewarding day, a reassuring affirmation that our energies were well spent was one after another attendees saying to us, “We felt the love…” But maybe the highest praise of all came from a man who was actually at the original Human Be-In half a century ago who simply stated, “This is what it felt like then…” Let’s make “feeling the love” something we strive to achieve with each other in all we ever say and do. What might the world look like? Please comment below.